Friday, December 3, 2010


When we think of life on other planets, we tend to think it will look like this:

but in reality, it most likey will look like this:

NASA scientist announced yesterday that they made an amazing discovery. Microbes have been found to survive on arsenic and arsenic alone. Gone is the theories that the key building blocks to life are oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus, and Netflix.

NASA projection of what arsenic eating microboes will look like in 64 years.
This is HUGE. Scientists says that this new discovery changes the way we view life and could lead to discovery of life on other plants and moons. This is the biggest thing to happen in our solar system since the gold star clearance sale at Kohls.
Gold Stars are 9980 degrees F so dress accordingly 

These microbes were discovered in Mono Lake, California. California, land of milk, honey and dreamin' on such a winter's day. This is not the first time something has been void of life and living in California, but it is the first time it hasn't been named Dom Deluise.

Seeing that arsenic can now support life, I filled my gold fish bowl with it. Goldie Locks just loves it!
Goldie Locks
We may never know the meaning of life, but today we know that it is more then living in a house with a picket fence, 2.3 kids and grandma with the leaky depends, it is also living in scum at the bottom of a salty lake eating poison to survive. 

Artist rendering of what lake scum looks like
Yesterday we woke up knowing only 1.7 million species on earth. Today, thanks to organisms smaller then we can see, our understanding of life got a little more complicated.

To arsenic eating microbes everywhere, welcome to earth!

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This is Hilarious! I have to admit I did get excited when NASA described it as an "Astrobiological finding".

What? said...

This clown can't be serious. Scientific analysis, complete with perfectly punctuated sentences! Oh wait, neither of those appear here.