Monday, December 20, 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Tonight is the first lunar Eclipse during a winter solstice in almost 500 years.

A lunar eclipse happens when the earth goes in-between the sun and the moon at a precise angle, causing the moon to be in the earth's shadow.
A Peter Eclipse
To get some idea of how exciting this can be, shine a flash light at the ceiling and then cover it with your hand.

The moon has a fascinated man since the dawn of time. For centuries men have promised their girlfriends to give them the moon, girlfriends meanwhile have been disappointed that the moon is just a rock, that is inhabitable, and smells like Rerun from What's Happening.
Smells like the moon
In 1835, articles were published in the New York Sun stating that life had been discovered on the moon. The moon, according to the discovery, had human like figures with wings and unicorns. It was called The Great Moon Hoax. It also established a long tradition of the public believing anything including: 
Elton John's Estate (closest thing I could find to the moon hoax description)

Apollo astronauts bravely went to the moon in 1969. It was heralded as a giant leap for mankind. The giant leap ended in 1972 when men left the moon and never returned.
Just missed history: Jim Cowens the commander of the never competed Apollo XVIII mission
Yes, for being 238,855 miles from Earth, the moon has a rich history. 

Tonight as I stare up at the big bright rock in the sky, I'd like to think that I'll reflect on that colorful history. Most likely though, I will be standing, gazing at the moon, wondering why I am staring at a shadow at 2 in the morning amongst frigid temperatures.


kimpeater said...

The Great Moon Hoax was in 1835.

Johany said...

I like the Peter Pan outfit and shadow! Nice!

gerry said...

that artistic rendition of Elton Johns estate is epic! thanks for posting that :-)

fabian said...

i found out that the moon has pokemon!!!!!

garrett said...

Don't forget: the first transformer was discovered on the moon.

eDITORcHRIS said...

Very funny and interesting lol But Christopher Columbus stories drive me crazy and, as far as Rerun, that was rude to joke about the deceased.

Anonymous said...

Rerun not only smelled like the moon, but he also had roughly equal mass to the moon.

But unlike the moon, nothing could ever eclipse Rerun.

-- MC, from SDC